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Dear editor

April’s Wonderful West Virginia magazine shows several of its past covers.  I thought it may be interesting to show the cover of a June 1949 copy that was received by my father Cana Coleman.  At that time the magazine was named West Virginia Conservation.  Sometime In 1948 my father was appointed as a forest fire warden and started to receive this magazine.  This continued for several years even after the name changed, and Dad had continued his subscription.  Below are pictures of the 1949 cover along with Dad’s Fire warden badge.
June 1949 CoverFire Warden Badge 
My father passed away in 1976 but my mother continued the subscriptions and always kept copies available for me. She never threw away any of them, as best I could find.  After her passing in 1986, I was able to round up most of them, and now have them at my home in Maysville, Ky.
Also I’m adding another little interesting note.   Beginning in 1953, I assisted my father by hauling forest fire fighters in his old Jeep truck to and from forest fires.  At that time it was allowable for high school boy’s the age of 16 and above to fight forest fires.  I used to go to Kingston High School and gather up anyone willing to assist.  Of course that meant they were released from school so volunteers weren’t hard to find.  If I remember correctly we were paid 25 cents an hour and were given all the lunchmeat and RC Colas we could eat and drink. I was paid a little more for the use of dad’s truck. That was when I really first became acquainted with Emery Wriston. Emery was a great gentleman and he loved the idea of dealing with this young and eager group.  I think two of his favorites may have been me and Victor Scarbro.  Victor and I took every opportunity possible to spend time with Emery and listen to his stories.
Victor, George, and Omer 
I have also attached another picture of three of us who had returned from fighting a fire in Plum Orchard.  The area we were in back then, is where Plum Orchard Lake is now located.  This picture was taken in front of the old Clyde Armstrong Store near the mouth of Mossy. It was taken in 1953.  Standing In back on the right; is Victor Scarbro, beside him is George Roy Wriston, and in front is me Omer Coleman.  We all three had later served the military, Victor the Air Force, George Roy the Army, and I the Marines. Both Victor and George have passed away. I’m still hanging around holding on to some of those memories.   Thank you for keeping this magazine printed, I’m always looking forward for it each month.  C. Omer Coleman

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