September 2022

Photo Gallery

For our fourth annual photography issue, we asked readers to submit their best wildlife photos. Thank you, everyone, for your awesome images!

American toad in Parkersburg.
Photo by Robin Brandjes

Barred owl in Berkeley Springs. Photo by Stacy Schultz​

Monarch butterfly caterpillar in Washington.
Photo by Megan Merville

Northern cardinal in Preston County.
Photo by Jeff Warnick

White-tailed deer in Canaan Valley.
Photo by Charlotte Pletcher​

White-tailed deer in Pinch. Photo by Tina Mooney

Ruby-throated hummingbird in Parkersburg. Photo by Jim Hutzler

Red eft (juvenile Eastern newt) in Monongalia County. Photo by R.S. Constable​

Gray squirrel in Wayne County. Photo by Tammy S. Napier​

Snapping turtle in Hardy County. Photo by Jennifer Bogan​

Chipmunk in Fairmont. Photo by Kathy Snider

A paddling of mallard ducklings in Fairmont. Photo by Caty Metz

Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly in Morgan County.
Photo by Alison Carter

A rush of American goldfinches in Cheat Lake.
Photo by Yvonne Nieman

A charm of house finches in Barboursville. Photo by Susan Hicks

Northern flicker in Morgantown. Photo by Will King​